And only pictures from the sun and the sky? YES:-) Because I love to watch the moment when the sun appears or disappears. She colors the sky in a really magic way. All the different tones of yellow, red and blue are incredible.

Sunsets or Sunrises

From my point of view I prefer more the sundowns. The colors are more intensiv, the process is more dramatic and of course more romantic. And last but not least due to the time it is much easier to watch a sundown than a sun up. I recorded form time to time also some time lapse videos. These videos really fastinating me, but at the moment I dont know why. Maybe it shows me how fast a day passes by and how short life is.

Interesting fact is, that all historical astronomic calendars and year books contains data about sun up and sundown. So you see how important theses daily events are. They present the birth and the dead of a single day.

Sunset in Munich
Sunset in Munich

Sundown with Clouds

From my point of view the most powerful and breathtaking version.



Clear Sets

The sun and the sky – not more and not less



Sun in Motion

Time-lapse videos from sundowns



Sunrises in Motion

Time-lapse videos from sunrises

Sunset captured at Lake Staffelsee, Murnau, Bavaria
Sunset captured at Lake Staffelsee, Murnau, Bavaria


Outside of Munich

Of course you can find also outside of Munich incredible sets



On a regular base we will publish here new sunsets

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