Outside of Munich

Of course you can find also outside of Munich incredible sunsets. On each picture I post the date and the place where I captured it.

Lake Garda


Most of these pictures were taken at ‘the blue land’ (Das blaue Land) – it’s located between Munich and the Alps. The name based on the blue sky and the blue lakes and is also connected to the famous artist group ‘The Blue Rider’ (Der Blaue Reiter). This group was led by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc.  Once you visited this region you can easily understand why these artists were so much impressed by this country side.

And indeed,  you can find here a lot of beautiful and crystal clear lakes like the Staffelsee, the Kochelsee and the Walchensee.

Lake Staffelsee Murnau

Sunset time and date: 7:30 pm, April – 8, 2018
Captured at Lake Staffelsee, Murnau, Bavaria

Murnau Sunset Alps

Sunset time and date: 3:56 pm, December – 31, 2017
Captured at Habaching, close to Murnau, Bavaria

Ismaning sunflowers sunset

Sunset time and date: 6:04 pm, October – 3, 2017
Captured at Ismaning, close to Munich, Bavaria


Tuscany is one the most beautiful landscapes which you can find in hole Europe. With all these cute little villages it’s like a time travel for more than 100 years.

Tuscany, Sunset near Castellina in Chianti

Sunset time and date: 8:15 pm, May – 31, 2018
Captured at Casa Le Pigne, Castellina in Chianti

Lake Garda

The opposite is Lake Garda. This region is really crowded and it’s hard to discover a relaxing place. My favorite one is Hotel du Lac. Because its right at the beach, no road between the Lake and the accommodation. The following picture was taken there. I also recorded a sunset time-lapse video.

Lake Garda Sunset near Brenzone

Sunset time and date: 8:00 pm, May – 25, 2018
Captured at Hotel du Lac, Brenzone sul garda


This country is on the second position regarding the number of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect combination when you love to take pictures from the sunset, the Sea and some islands. Maybe only Greek can beat this setting.

Sunset Falkensteiner Hotel - Zadar - Croatia

Sunset time and date: 8:32 pm, August – 14, 2016
Captured at Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik, Zadar Croatia

Sunset Kornati Croatia

Sunset time and date: 7:47 pm, June – 5, 2017
Captured at the Kornati Park, Croatia